Toby Barnett, Senior Consultant

Toby’s Experience

Toby first got his experience in the consulting industry while studying at the University of Washington, Bothell. He worked as the team leader and manager of a team of four that provided consulting services to a Kirkland based millwork company, Masterpiece AG-Limited. Through that experience Toby learned team dynamics, leadership, time management and task completion skills while providing high quality and usable products for Masterpiece AG-Limited.

Simultaneously, Toby was interning for the Seattle Mariners leading a team for the Field of Lights Christmas event held in Safeco Field. It was his duty to put together a part of the event and manage it through the holidays. Using his leadership skills, Toby created an area that catered to kids and families. Customer Service and creating a welcoming environment was of the highest importance. The Seattle mariners awarded Toby with a Letter of Recommendation and a authentic Mariners player’s jersey during the even recap meeting.

In his second consulting project, Toby was the team leader in a collaboration project with the Yakama Nation Museum and the University of Washington. The project goal was to benchmark another company/organization to see how their practices could be implemented for the success of the Nation. Through the project the student team put together a fundraising program and made recommendations like creating a Board of Director to govern the direction of the Museum and to direct its fundraising effort.

After graduation, the University of Washington, Bothell approached Toby in being a student advisor in an international collaboration project. The project took Toby to Bosnia for two weeks to assist in teaching business strategy, team building and leadership skills to students at Slobomir P Univerzitet. Toby experienced the Bosnian culture first hand by spending time with the students, in and out of the college environment, attending dinners with student’s families (while talking history & politics), experiencing a school dance and living at the University as the only American.

Toby Barnett is a person driven by experiences and his motivation comes from his interaction with people and learning attitude.

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