Our blog turns 1 years old

Without even noticing, TW Resource Group’s blog turns 1 year old! “Happy birthday to us”….”Happy birthday to us”…okay I will not subject anyone to my singing.

Hooray…we have managed to survive, grow and continue to keep on keeping on. I would like to thank everyone who has made this a special experience, contributed time and effort, provided us with all the blog postings to read.

The 1 Year Recap
– PR2 on Blog page & PR1 on Home page
– 7 Different WordPress Themes
– Fixed Many Broken Pages & Links
– Adding & Deleting Widgets
– Writing Blog Posts
– 1 New Client
– 2 Projects Completed

Not to bad for a two man team that do this work in their spare time. TWResourceGroup.com has become a place where Chris and I can share our experiences as well as knowledge to help small companies improve their bottom lines. Chris and I look forward to another successful year and publishing more juicy content.

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