Taking Off To PubCon 2009

In a few hours I will be on my flight headed to the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. This isn’t the typical Vegas bachelor party debackle. This trip has a business focus and it will my first trip to PubCon – Search Marketing Conference. My day job is in the real estate sector as a office manager and active agent. The company I manage relies heavily on search rankings and blogging to deliver the company’s marketing message.

Missing a large advertising budget or the man power to spread our message, it fell upon me to figure it out. The more time I spent online searching for marketing products the more I kept coming across forums. Forum members discussed the number of leads they where generating out of their websites using SEO techniques. SEO? What’s that?

The topics included: content (not sure that will ever change), link building strategies, and site layout. Blogging hadn’t really hit the scene in the real estate industry but it was picking up steam in the personal use arena, So like any self respecting person with nothing better to do, I started my own on the MSN Spaces network. It came with all the gagets a person needed and allowed for some coding in the various sections. It could be built, managed and analyzed like a website.

Those where the days. I hoping to learn some new strategies at PubCon to continue to be the person to catch for targeted real estate terms. Besides all the work, the trip is going to give me a chance to meet some friends I first met in some forums. It will be really fun to sit and talk shop, learn from experienced people in the industry and get into some warmer weather. Snohomish County is getting colder by the day.

Well that is all for tonight. Next from some where in Vegas.

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