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Social networking has taken the internet by storm and anyone that is involved in social networking knows how powerful it can be. Social networking allows people to connect around hobbies that will spawn a new niche network fairly regularly. Being involved allows a person to create a profile, add links, post blogs and create friends lists (highly important) but how does social networking blend it self to become a quality backlink provider from on SEO standpoint?

Simple, by connecting with so many people around a particular topic users generate massive back links on what become trusted networks.

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One of the best examples of a new niche social networking site is ActiveRain. ActiveRain is a social professional network for the real estate industry and like all good social networking sites, it allows user to create profile pages, add links and connect with other people all the while providing blogs and forums for it users.If you are in the real estate industry take some time and join.

Another example of a new and rapidly expanding social networking site is Squidoo. Users here around allowed to build lenses (another name for profile page) to share information, pictures, blogs and links. The difference that separates Squidoo from other social networking sites is that Squidoo allows it users to earn revenue from the creation of their lens or donate the monies to charity (or a combination of both). Many people are finding ways to share what they are interested in so if you want to get the word out with your services, products or just make a few bucks join the network.

Are you finding it hard to categories and keep track of all your blogs from one location then use MyBlogLog to keep track of all them. If you are anything like me then you may have two or more blogs already and sometimes it easy to forget about one so use MyBlogLog to organize all blogs (or websites) and connect with more bloggers in the process. MyBlogLog even offers scripts for its users to add to their blog to track live readers; a pretty unique feature and can help enable a blogger to see if their efforts are getting noticed.

The most common social networking site is MySpace and if anyone hasn’t heard of it yet then they have been living under a rock. MySpace has grown into a 21st Century icon and lends its uses to so many more than people think. It has been said that MySpace is for teeny boppers and porn freaks but there are many people using to get the word out about their services, bands and the like. It is easy for individuals and companies to accumulated 5,000 friends if not more in a short period of time.

But how does social networking benefit strategies that are traditionally more SEO related?

Simple, as profiles get created it enables webmasters to build one-way in-bound links to the sites of their choice using trusted networks for leverage. Over time the links on those pages will age and pass Page Rank and Trust Rank to help ensure quality SEO

No longer wasting time on reciprocal exchanges will help increase the leveraging power a site can create using free social networking strategies.

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