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Today I have been busy working on inserting social bookmarks on our blog and after tons of trial and error I found one that worked great, though pictures would have been nice.

Social Bookmarking is an easy way for bloggers to save all their favorite posts using a variety of applications. They can be found at the bottom of every post and some of the most popular are Digg,, Newsvine, Reddit and Stumbleupon.

Why are these a important items to have on a blog? One they give a way for people to save posts and second, the big one, that they assist in building quality backlinks from many sources.

Saving Posts: Saving posts, or submitting them to news readers, builds upon the social networking of blogging. The interaction between website and user is taken to another level where users can rate, to encourage readership, or burry, to discourage readership, of posts.

Quality Backlinks: Having users submit posts to news readers a blogger has the potential to achieve thousands of backlinks in a very short period of time, for example Digg. If a blogger A breaks news, or has a really excellent written blog, and many people Digg it then blogger A will gain a link to their post from all the Digger’s profile pages. Getting a thousand links from Digg is every bloggers dream.

Take some time to add social bookmarks to the bottom of your blog and you’ll find it a nice little bonus when links come in.

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