Quality Backlinks part 2

Quality backlinks are always the quest and finding sources to get free links is even harder. In Quality Backlinks part 1 the importance of quality was discussed but how does an amature SEOer get quality backlinks in a short period of time? Using sources that allow people to post free profiles and what else…post links to outside website, viola!! That is what I am talking about so here are my four new favorite sources to get free quality profile pages.

Namyz – The site allows users to have there online name featured in the sponsored links section of Google’s Adwords section. Though I haven’t seen my name pop up it gives an opportunity to provide links back to all the website that a user works on.

ClaimID – Its philosophy behind this site to claim all the sites associated with a particular user. I have used it to associate myself with all the sites I have authored, designed and setup. This site is re-cached every few days and is considered an authority site with quite of bit of trust rank so by having links on their a user can provide one-way in-bound links to many sites from one source.

MyBlogLog – A blog aggregation site where, again, a user can claim sites that they author and manage. It is a fun cool site and it is easy to use. Though it is free they do offer a paid subscription so users can track their site live stats if a site allows to insert a piece of JavaScript in the framework of the site.

LinkedIn – A professional networking site that allows users to build a free professional profile and…wait for it…add links though three looks like the maximum and they aren’t able to be titled specifically.

These are profiles are easy to setup they just take time like most free sources of links. But over time they will provide a consistent one way source of trusted quality links. Hopefully some people won’t get to angry with me sharing this information but ah well.

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