SEO: Hot topics and Trends Session 1.2

Notes from SEO Topics and Trends at Pubcon.

– Keyword research; nothing new there.
– Still a focus on geography still important and probably modifies local/places results.
– Still need to get a back link tool and conduct market research on competitors.
– How can links support information found on linked to page?
– Which back link tool to use?
–Open site explorer for my size and scope: Bing and SEOMoz
– may have to get pre-penguin links removed manually – ugh.
– Quality links over quantity – duh.
– Don’t go for exact anchor text which may be hurting me.
– What is the distribution of links and different levels of authority?
– Boost old links.
– Sponsorships, donations, partnerships, vendors, local companies.
– Create new content: Write papers, tools, quizes, tip sheets, cartoons, resources.
— hire someone for cheap within a junoir college.
– Budget will be tough.
– Do I need to outsource my link bait tactics.
– Review favorited tweets for ideas.
– How can I SEO my mobile DS app?
— GoGo meter Google mobile SEO tool.
– YouTube Keyword Tool
— Create video thumbnails in the Youtube search results and SERPs results
— Think I do well here.
– Voot beta tool for monitoring YouTube search results.

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