Facebook’s Related Videos & Video Editor

Who doesn’t need more Facebook video views?

This morning, while watching some Facebook videos, I noticed Facebook displaying “Related Videos” in the side bar.

It is definitely notable, the displayed related videos are from the same Facebook page.


Having related videos displayed helps with attract views to previously uploaded videos. Why is that important? Right now, Facebook only allows for a call-to-action on videos, unlike YouTube cards and annotations.

But that is not all. Facebook also has made editing videos easier.

After uploading, Facebook ads a popup asking the user if they want to edit their video.

Yes. Yes, you want to edit it. Why?

Adding a title, description, CUSTOM THUMBNAIL, category, a call-to-action button, and even captions.

editing-a-facebook-videoGiving users more options is something Facebook videos has lacked – users can even update old videos.

If you’ve been using Facebook video as part of your social media marketing then I highly recommend updating old videos to make them more searchable.

What have you noticed, or do, with Facebook video?

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