Reasons to Blog

There is an old song that comes to mind while contemplating the article ‘Mo Better, Mo Blogs’ A-ListersĀ Feel the Heat discusses another article where the author main point was to stop blogging if nothing original can be contributed. It reminds of a song by Merle Hargard and Willie Nelson, Reasons to Quit but I agree with Solomon on this issue, keep on blogging.

For SEO geeks and link junkies blogging maybe seen only has a way to gain market authority and influence search engines for personal or client’s benefits. But there is a component to blogging that is frequently overlooked in my opinion, the freedom of self expression. Blogging has become an outlet for many people to share thoughts, opinions, keep a personal journal and/or just share pictures with family/friends.

I use blogging in multiple ways, SEO, connect with communities (professionally and personally) and to mind dump stuff in order to stop thinking about it. It has become an outlet that is truly enjoyable to do. When I first started blogging I was obsessed with subscribers and having as many comments as possible but then it started to feel like a job and the fun started to drain out of it. It gave me the opportunity to sit down and think about why do I blog?. It turned out I just liked doing it and it didn’t matter if I was the mostĀ read blog on the net.

Being a small time blogger it is hard not to get caught up in the blog hype of social interaction and the marketing combination inherent that is becoming the hallmark of Web 2.0. Keep on blogging in the free world, wow that is almost a parody. Have fun and do it because you like it, keep it simple.

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