Danielle Decker

My long time friend, Danielle Decker just graduated from Cornish College of the Arts and today I took off work early to go over and see her art exhibits. As I walked around the college it got me thinking how could Danielle break out in the art world through effective small business marketing?

There are many paths that Danielle could try but being a recent graduate money is always tight and exposure is limited. So here is TW Resource Groups 5 Step Plan to promote talent and sell art in the process.

Get Connected

Getting out in the art community is the most important item. Right now Danielle is working part time at a local art store, excellent, and what better way to get connected through the community than to work where artists purchase supplies. As people come in and out of the art store, it gives Danielle the opportunity to meet people who might no someone, who knows someone that could use her services.

Participate in the Community

There are many local market festivals and out door events where a small booth, a reasonable amount of money, where portraits can be done while showcasing other works. In addition to this direct exposure, flyers, brochures and other print marketing material can be displayed for consumers to pickup.

Get a Website

Danielle has already taken advantage of this advertising medium. Having work displayed brings content to her professional name while having a avenue to generate sales 24/7/365. Two suggestions, one would to have the price and a brief description of the piece and two is to incorporate an easy payment option like PayPal or another type of secure payment option.

Beat the Street

Get out in the town and talk to business owners that to see if they may need window murals for up-coming specials or holiday offers, to see if an artistic rendering could be down in the interior of their restaurant or if there is any possibility to offer art work on consignment. Sales are tough this way but experience is the ultimate goal; just by getting out in the street and talking to people Danielle would be taking risks and learning a great deal how to communicate with people who may be in the market to purchase such items for their business.

Don’t Give Up

Never give up on your dream and passion because that is all we have in life and if we can’t enjoy what we do for a living then why do it at all? There are many people that will say “why don’t you get a real job” or “you can’t make any money like that” and try to bring you down to their level. Being an entrepreneur is something special and it takes vision, drive and determination that no matter what comes along you will continue to move forward, if only a little bit each day.

Danielle, I hope this is of some help to you and your success venturing out into the art world. I look forward to purchasing your pieces for my house.

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