Guy Kawasaki Keynote Pubcon 2015

Guys Kawasaki’s Top 10 List for Marketing

“Every profile is your professional profile”

1. Perfect Your Perspective
2. Perfect Your Avatar: Likeable, trustworthy, competent. Face only. Avatars should all be the same across social media and be careful when using logos as it may format incorrectly and it should be front-and-center.
3. Perfect Your Cover: There is a narrative and tells the story and Guy K. Prefers dark colors.
4. Perfect Your Card: Use big fonts, ensure scan-ability, include your cell number. Test a business card through Evernote. Also, look into Evercontact to combine contacts and email contacts using email signatures.
5. Perfect Your Slides: 10 Slides maximum for a keynote, 20 minutes presentation, 30 point font, 16×9 aspect ratio, black background .
5a. Perfect Your Demo: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a demo is worth a thousand slides.
6. Perfect Your Pictures: Shoot horizontal despite the vertical trend and tight crop works, light from the front, crop crap constantly, and optimize dimensions.
7. Perfect Your Posts: Social media is marketing. Embracing the NPR model and provide great content so the content can Pass the Fresh are Test. Add graphics because the context in which people view a post will allow a post to stand out above plain text posts. Upload natively to Facebook yields nearly 3x the reach.
8. Perfect Your Frequency: Repeat Tweets throughout the day a few hours apart.
9. Perfect Your Pin-Ability:
10. Perfect Your Methods: Never give up on trying to perfect your methods. Keep trying, experiment.

One more thing: Canva (Photoshop for normal people) is a fast and free way to make a graphic for a project.

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