Project Auto Movie Part 5

The Project Auto Movie has been coming along smoothly with Dayzed50 and I gathering moving clips and post Mustang racing blogs getting for this step. Now we have enough footage stemming from 2005 that can be compiled into a short film of our passion.

Dayzed50 has some new DVD burning software and I have all the movies and images to put into a movie. In the 1st part of this project outlined that this something a small business could do to improve their marketing.

Being on a budget we were forced to everything from the ground up. But over the period of a few months we compiled enough information for a marketing tactic. It goes to show that some hard work and elbow grease will get the job done. As small business owners it is not easy to afford a budget that could accomplish the same feat in 20 days. But it can be done so moving on to more project info.

The movie is going to outline “why” we do this sport and how much fun it is for us. So please stay tuned for preliminary clips, but don’t forget to check the teasers.

10 Minute Clip of Road Coarse – July 12, 2007 and Dyno Run making 462.5 rwhp.

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