Real Estate Project

The other week I started a major website project for my real estate company Barnett Associates Real Estate, LLC. The company has decided to switch providers and building a new real estate website from the ground up. There were many reasons for the change but the biggest being the updated software we are going to be using, a Word Press theme, that incorporates a blog.

In the internet marketing world a blog is a must have on any site these days and the reason are huge to make the move. The main item that keeps me thinking is links. Blogging by nature encourage natural links between other bloggers since it is so easy and it is part of the social blogging culture.

By having a blog attached to a main site, one that other bloggers link too, means the main site receives all the benefit from the social linking and creates quality backlinks, review SEO category, for better search engine placement.

This new real estate website is requiring a lot of time to make sure the content is written excellent, the content is highly targeted for main keywords and the site is well organized and function from a user perspective. It the long run it will be well worth the time and the company will benefit from having better SEO throughout the site.

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