Another project is completed…it went by fast.

My habit which is starting to form completing projects is to blog about the project, what experiences I learned. This project was for an existing client, Chris Ward, and it was about creating media based content that could rank on Google for top keywords.

We started by meeting up and outlining the project goals and feeling out what it would take to rank for the key phrase “House Key State Bond“. It came with no surprise that there were pages already ranking for the term but what did surprised me was that some of the pages where on social networking sites. The social network pages also has some benefit to them like age that would be have to be over come with bigger and better content.

Diving into the project I was left with the question: “what is going to take to achieve placement in the top 3?”. So keeping that in my mind I progressed with doing market research, organizing data and then moving into content construction. The information was all new to me so I had to learn about to actually get moving and is a part I really enjoyed.

After taking some time to get the wheels going I got into a grove and the project all came together smoothly and hopefully he is happy with Top 3 results for House Key State Bond that where achieved before project completion.

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