Project Auto Movie Part 1

I have been working some friends that have gotten involved in and how we can all leverage the enthusiasm of autos and our affinity for web marketing. Now this post is going to incorporate a few items previously talked about and one that hasn’t. In the previous post Local Auto Business the use of free social networking sites were discussed and how they could be leveraged with no price tag and time. Some of the friend I run with major automotive enthusiast and we are working some shorts to marketing ourselves and our hobbies.

We are in process of making movies and the first project is for the Mustang and here are the two main clips we have so far. The first movie is a short using a combination of 30 second clips, still images and music. The second is just a clip is a cockpit view from the road course at Pacific Raceways.

The goal is to build something that is viral and usable at the same time. Brian would like to have a nice movie to play if he decides to show his Mustang so it has to be pretty good. Well I am off to contemplate what to do.


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