Another Project Complete

I have been working on writing content for my real estate website for the last 2 1/2 months and finally it is complete. It came our great and I would like to that Jim Messenger for creating my wonder blogsite platform.

The main focus was creating a hierarchy to the pages with it starting at the county level and then working down to the city level. But going through my two favorite pages are targeted for Boeing Relocation and Everett Navy Relocation in Snohomish County. The writing came out pretty good and they are already ranking really high for their keywords, any SEOer will love that. So what is in store for the future.

The next project for my real estate site is work on my Seattle real estate page. The page is going to be a comparison on Seattle real estate and Snohomish County real estate and with the hopes to convert people to move into my area. So far the idea is awesome but no work has gone into the pages, unless an outline counts.

So that is all for now and until the next time…take care and blog safely.

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