Leaving for Pubcon 2012 in 4 Days

Monday afternoon I fly out for Pubcon 2012 and I am really excited as this is year 3. My work as a Marysville real estate broker is in the slow season due to people getting their kids back in sports, after school activities, and just the general chaos of the pending holidays.

As with previous years, I usually have a goal to focus my course schedule around and this year is no different; this years goals are 1) Fixing old link strategies in a post Panda world 2) improve content conversion to increase lead capture, and 3) finding affordable SEO software that fits my budget (there are some mega companies I would love to hire yet a few thousand a month is not economical for my scale).

As a real estate broker lead generation is the heart and soul of success and whether from referrals, previous clients, or new business one has to be diligent and aggressive. I also know, the real estate industry can be seen as spammy and a industry who jumps on the latest and greatest fads so avoiding pitfalls

I try to be patient and methodical when it comes to SEO/SEM/Social Presence and yet I find myself getting into patterns in which I can’t break free of. I hope that Pubcon 2012 will be bring new ideas I can implement or corrective actions I can take to improve my rankings which are slowly slipping since Panda. Monday I will be on a jet plane and looking forward to geeking it for a week in Vegas.

I might have a drink or two that week as well.

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