What Not to Use Fiverr.com For…

In a recent UnPodcast Fiverr.com was a topic of discussion. Scott had a $5 rap made for UnSelling the book, see the embedded video below. I personally enjoyed it, I’m a 90’s rap fan, as it added an unexpected dynamic to a podcast. What’s better than a Unselling book rap? I admit, I listened to the podcast’s beginning twice just to hear it and Scott’s rap ‘movements’ are worth watching, but I digress.

Fiverr.com is good for many things. In Fiverr.com to Launch its 1st TV Commercial I briefly touched on some benefits. Fiverr is an endless selection of vendors providing animation and logo design services that provide an affordable alternative to costly design software. Also, at the cost of $5 it doesn’t break the budget if the logo or animation isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.

However, Scott and Alison venture into perils of Fiverr services – business reviews. Every business should have online reviews (nothing new there) and constantly work on generating through professional and recommendable products and services. Reviews are not easy to generate, or are they?

On Fiverr people will do just about anything for $5 and reviews are commonplace. Provide a product description, script, $5 and you have a testimonial. Video or text.

If this practice seems shaddy that’s because it is. So please don’t do it. Send out emails, letters, or pick up the phone and ask for a review. At the bare minimum you’ll know the reviews you do have are real and not falsely created to trick consumers.

Small business owners: Don’t game online reviews by hiring $5 actors.

UnPodcast Ep 44: Fake Testimonials and Other Ethical Business Issues

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