to Launch its 1st TV Commercial

I do a lot of business through Wait. What’s Fiverr? Fiverr is a online store front that allows users to offer “gigs” starting at $5; logo designs, voice overs, content creation, translations, brand reviews, PR services, website traffic, video animation, post logos to body parts, and so-on. Its an seemingly endless source.

As mentioned, I use Fiverr a lot for logos and video animation designs. Its affordable, quick, and a painless system paying, even getting refunds, through Paypal. After researching a gig and selecting a vendor, some feedback is provided along with payment and in a day or two a product is delivered. Its pretty slick.

Now Fiverr is taking their marketplace vision to the next level.

Yesterday, Fiverr announced they will be airing their first TV commericial and according to Fiverr’s website:

“You’ll soon be able to see something during live broadcasts that you’re more accustomed to seeing on your computer or smartphone: Fiverr! We’re excited to share the news with you, that we’re launching our first TV ad airing nationwide in the U.S. – [SOURCE]”

Yes, people still watch TV even though YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix exist.

Why is this important for Being a advertising company, for people creating advertising gigs, its imperative to be everywhere their clients and potential customers are. In a company’s growth / lifecycle, there comes a time when branching out and jumping into different advertising mediums is imperative in implementing a holistic marketing strategy.

Its just smart business but it may not work for every company. However, there’s a trend to move into television advertising once an online company makes it.

Do you think its smart move by Fiverr? I personally will be watching for their commercial(s).

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