What can traditional networking do to increase your market presence?

As a small business marketing consultant I come across many types of businesses that have one thing in common; they want to increase profitability in an affordable and streamlined fashion. Marketing is more much more than a single act; its a constant action that builds branding and awareness through effective means of targeting market segments.

But the limits of targeting a market segment are not just limited to ranking at the top of search engines. There are more traditional methods to gain quality business contacts and that is why TW Resource Group joined the LeTip business networking group. Today there was a business mixer in Marysville where many entrepreneurs gathered to share their business specialties.

The many different networking groups offer the small business owner to get their business in front of many people who may need or might know someone who needs the services you offer. Yes, these networking groups require a commitment to attend meetings, mixers, board meetings and training seminars but the long term ROI is immense. The biggest argument I hear from business owner “why not to join” is the time commitment out of their already busy schedules. But if business is to be had by committing a small block of time every week isn’t it worth it?

In my opinion it is. Small businesses can not normally afford a large marketing/advertising budget to generate a long-term source of fresh business. Getting involved in a group that is designed to build contacts as increase the size of a client base is one of the most effective small business marketing strategies.

After joining LeTip TW Resource Group has made many contacts, provided small business marketing proposals and even closed a few deals all in a period of a month and a half. Get involved in local business mixers, professional networking groups and make you and your company known through out the community. The dividends will pay themselves a few folds before you know it.

Take a proactive position to your company’s success and get involved because your success and survival depends on it.

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