Do you Squidoo? is a social networking site that allows users to create free lenses which was discussed in Quality Backlinks part 1. TW Resource Group has been working on its small business seo lens and it is coming along nicely but still pretty plain. Squidoo has a different feel compared to most social networking sites since it doesn’t employ a blog feature but uses modules to add content, images and links.

Lenses are an excellent way for small business owners to get more exposure for the business. Squidoo has gotten a lot of attention since its launch and no wonder since it was built by Seth Godin, marketing guru. Lens have a solid seo foundation to them enabling them to rank really well for highly competitive keywords. One of our clients, Barnett Associates Real Estate, LLC, uses lens to spread the word on their local real estate market and has gotten excellent results, with some hard work, in just a few months.

If you don’t have a lens yet just sign up and start one today.

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