SEO with Greg Boser (BlueGlass) 2.3

My notes from SEO with Greg Boser (Blue Glass) 2.3 at Pubcon.

– Be proactice at looking at previous SEO strategies.
– Sometimes you have to take a step to move forward in the future.
– If you have content that isn’t doing well that should be corrective. Focus on Building brand for links instead.
– Brand signal!!! — correct links I can to help naturalize link portfolio.
– Negative SEO exists and its important to monitor backlink profile.
– Tighten WP security and prevent hacking.
– Take time to audit title performance.
– Google is rewriting titles so monitor title performance.
– Google authorship is trying to create higher authorship with profile pics.
– Google making authorship connections without our help.
– volume of plus +1 is not the ticket yet have people increase their circles.
– Anonymous great content is not where it is at
– need trust.
– Circles are how trust is measured.

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