Project Auto Movie Part 4

Getting a phone call at work from Dayzed50, he asked me where was…”I am and just shutting my passenger door”…it was like; jackpot. Leaving work I headed over to Dazyed50‘s house to hear the initial start up after the motor instillation. He spent the early afternoon, Dayzed50 works graveyard, installing the H-pipe and fully assembling the last minute items it was time to see how it cracked over.

Dayzed50 is planning on taken tomorrow night off, no over-time, and get and road test the new assembly. The steering arm was to close for comfort on the new 1 3/4″ headers so getting a feel for the steering and new power parts will really give an idea if there are any major issues to be thinking about. I highly doubt there will considering how well it fired up and idled and the purred and rapped up (the smoke is caused from the new setup).

As we are looking forward with the project is: the idea is really starting to come together will many parties being involved. After the road test the Mustang may get on the dyno the coming weekend to make sure the air-to-fuel is on. We blew a motor due to air-to-fuel spike 5 yeas ago, no need to repeat that experience. Footage is getting planned and if tomorrow night is an early one then we’ll storyboard then instead of Saturday.

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