Project Auto Movie Part 3

Tonight I went to Green Lake to meet up with some friends and relax. As the night wore on the topic of this project came up and some good items came up but the biggest was the use of story boarding.

Storyboarding is a similar concept to brainstorming or mind mapping where a large sheet of paper is placed on the wall and the ideas that want to be incorporated into the movie are written all over it. Then the ideas are further flushed out. By doing so a movie creator can visualize and determine what shots will be needed for each section and will ensure that all the necessary footage is taken and not left up to chance.

When my friend shared this concept with me, I am not a film expert, it totally made sense and immediately my brain started going into motion of how the project is going to develop. The next step is to get together with Dayzed50 and get to storyboarding, hopefully this coming weekend since there are no major plans going on, yet.

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