Creating In-House Marketing Material for Your Small Business

As a followup to Affordable Multi-Purpose Video Equipment DIY-ers I want to show the work that has come out of the equipment pictured in the post, DJI Phantom 2 H3-3D and a GoPro 3+ Black & 4 Black.

Recently, I went to Maui and brought along the drone to film the family’s escapades and activities. On the beach, on hikes, and different towns, it was easy to pull the drone out and start recording scenes for the family’s home movie. This same concept can be used by tourism agencies or business looking to attract tourist. In the below video, I used multiple angels and scenes to create collage of Maui activities. Business owners can apply the same principal to make a promotional video about their business and services.

Want to see a video that is strictly for business? Here is a home tour we did for one of our real estate clients that includes HD aerials, HD pictures, text, and music for easy viewing.

Another video made, this time of a local scenic destination, has been picked up by local media. The exposure gained is definitely passive, since it doesn’t directly translate to sales; however, these destination videos are a great way to further gain exposure. Also, a destination video, or “other type” of video, has potential to go viral especially if a video isn’t seen a “too commercialized” for sharing.

Take some time and invest in your own marketing because it pays dividends and doesn’t cost a bloody fortune to create.

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