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Generating traffic is very tough these days. Does a small business use their website, forums, social media, video, or traditional advertising to bring consumers in? Where do small owners focus their time and highly guarded budget? Do small business owners hire a SEO firm, their college relative or tech savvy teenager, or try it themselves? These are questions any small business owner must ask when trying to create, build, or sustain a online revenue stream

I’ve seen blogs, forum threads, and Facebook ads claiming ‘learn the secret to online sales’ and ‘these simple tricks to make money online’. Most of them are bogus crap leading to website with little to no content, add no value to the reader, and are just crap. Its difficult to say ‘these three things’ will drive gobs of focused consumer traffic which will convert into sales. Nonetheless, internet marketing does have some constants that are time tested and remain true.

This leads us to giveaways.

As a member of, I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end. Its been super nice. Who doesn’t like free product especially when the product is so dam cool? No one I know yet small business owners must be wondering what the ROI is for giveaways. Are giveaways worth it? How much do they cost? And if I give my product away for free then who will buy it?

Legit questions.

Back to the receiving end, once awarded the prize, some sexy GoPro products, I’ve spent time viewing the host’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and publishing Amazon reviews out appreciation.

But I know what you may be thinking. ‘Shit Toby that sounds like it costs the giveaway host money while not making money’.

That is true. It does cost the host but the return is far greater. By giving away product, the small business owner instantly creates product awareness, website visibility, and street cred with their target market.

Who doesn’t like street cred? Who doesn’t like extended visibility within a targeted market? Also, the Amazon product reviews can be lifelines for small businesses. Reviews are gold.

He is another example.

A company, which I consult for, is going to do a similar giveaway but instead of giving away product its giveaway swag. Here’s the plan.

1. Have 50 T-shirts Made w/ Logo and Website Address
3. Have Stickers Printed
4. Have Packaging Made Up (looking at plastic tubes)
5. Insert T-Shirt, Stickers, Business Cards in Packaging
6. Post Giveaway Details on the Blog
7. Promote the Giveaway through Facebook, Twitter, & Forums

Right now, this website’s problem isn’t SEO and organic rankings, yet the website does have a problem with generating active forum users. Which is the giveway’s goal.

The cost of promotional items is approximate $1000 – a lot to some small business owners. However, the advertising revenue stemming from an active website could be far more than the initial investment.

A follow up post with results to come. The giveaway should start around November 1st.

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