Low-Risk High-Reward Link Building

My notes from Low-Risk High-Reward Link Building 3.1 at Pubcon.

– Buy some books on writing and arm yourself with great content with proper grammar to generate links.
– Hire a journalist or writer: could be difficult who doesn’t know real estate industry.
– Build online tutorials around real estate. Jake mentioned this and seems simple so just do it. Maybe have use tablet for the video.
– Expert building and knowledge and merged his offline presence with his online persona.
– Bring your A game to content publishing.
– Bring high quality to market so you can build links naturally.
– Have to do something on the site so it compels people to link to you.
– People do shit because they wanna look cool 😀
– Great way to get links is through events; how can i do an event and get links? Home buyer seminar, investor seminar and invite investors I know and host a panel.
– Bloggers are a great way to build links if they are compelled to do so.
– #1 reason people blog is creative-fulfillment.
– Host an event for mommy bloggers; my topic can relate but how?
– If you get out in-front of people you can be the defacto leader. Do it first.
– If you can attach a charity to something because it makes people feel good.
– Buzz worthy info that makes people to link to it.
– Search is not an isolated marketing activities.
– Links are all about relationships; how can i leverage my relationships withing my industry? Reach out to my title reps and ask them to link to my content from their blogs?
– Use of cool images, diagrams, aids, and something compelling for reasons to link to.
– Have the news break my news to get links because no ones cares if I am talking about it on my blog.
– Very well planned strategy and multi-staged campaign can generate tons of links.

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