Linking Humor with President Obama

The other day, President Obama made history by being the first US President to learn how to code. Impressive as coding is one of those SEO tasks that kind be absolutely mind numbing.

Customizing, tweaking, fixing, adding, changing, updating, upgrading, and a host of coding tasks test patience along with servers and people. Personally, I’ve spent hours reviewing code just to find a missed apostrophe yet our President is up to the task.

The President’s coding video can be seen here:

This is where I got a good belly laugh. Using my personal Facebook profile, I left a comment asking if a backlink could be included on to my website.


Asking president Obama for a backlink.

It would “never ever-ever” with a side of “in your wildest” happen. However, the value of that link would be priceless and could single handily catapult a person into a SEO legend.

Have a fun Holiday and don’t forget: Ask for a link back because you’ll never know who will.

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