Personal Branding and Social Strategy

Real People Power for Brands

Mark Trap Hagen @marktraphagen

“You will most rapidly and successfully gain the social trust of its audience when it is closely associated with powerful personal brands.”

– Brands must have Expertise, Authority, and Trust.
– Brands can use a Cause Supporter to get people caring about their brand.
– Be an Engager: Listen, Analyze, and Engage.
– Advocacy is born from culture, not technology or marketing.
– PBR: Personal Brand Representative
– More at

Personal Branding: 10 14 Practical Tips

Mel Carson @MelCarson

1. Define Your Brand, Brand is Experience.
2. Show Your Human Side.
3. Be Discoverable.
4. Be Sharable.
5. Be Memorable.
6. Build Relationships.
7. Differentiate through Emotional Connection.
8. Nurture Loyal Fans.
9. Own Your Name with a Domain
10. Invest in a Professional Photo
11. Set an Out-of-Office that tells people “why” you’re out of office.
12. Be Thoughtful About Your Bio on 3rd Party Sites
13. Label Your Photos with Your Name for SEO
14. Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

Being memorable and nurturing loyal fans is something needs to be done better within my personal real estate business. Also, this was the 2nd time business cards has been mentioned at #Pubcon

Personal Brand in for the Company

Matt Craine @mattcraine

“It’s not what YOU think it is” and “It’s what THEY think it is”

– Everyone is a stalker
– Businesses are searching for people/business/employees of a brand.
– Every employee has to clean up there online shit and optimize your profile.
– Change Your LinkedIn Settings
– Building a personal brand will help protect YOUR name.
– Conspire:
– Revolar:
– Bitsbox:

The personal brand is still a powerful tool to be professionally noticed only.

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