Doing It Myself Still with Good Results

Do-it-yourself marketing is nothing new and for me it’s a daily activity. As a real estate broker by and SEO hack by night, it is imperative to stay on top of strategies and learn how to implement the latest and greatest techniques.

In November 2011 I attended PubCon Vegas for the second time. Staying more sober than 2009’s trip, I soaked up as much info as possible. Here is a list of some of my items I’ve implemented.

Hospitals in Everett Landing page
– Re-organizing Content on Real Estate
– Separated Paged Content from Blog Content
– Impletement Google+ Rich Snippets Code – First Result
– Continue to Produce Content on a more Regular Basis
– Growing Facebook Fanpage interaction (really hard)

There is much to learn at PubCon that I’m already planning to attend in 2012 just to get a refresher. I just noticed after updating all my plugins that this site is in dire need of attention. Guess it will wait for a bit and have to sit in a ugly state for while.

Real estate has been going really well and the competition has gotten fierce in my market. The big real estate syndicators have finally moved up the ranks to where that is who all I compete with. has moved me out of the #1 position for though it doesn’t appeared to have hurt traffic and leads.

That is where it really matters. So with that said, it is just keeping the nose to grind stone and seeing where I can tweak and do better with the on-site and off-site SEO.

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