Facebook’s Call-to-Action Button for Pages

Today, upon logging into a Facebook page, the Facebook page had popup shouting at me titled Create a Call-to-Action. The part of me that loves shiny new objects, lit up and smiled. Calls-to-Action are used on websites and social media to get followers to act. Whether that be used to get users to call, watch more videos, sign up for a newsletter, and/or shop for products. It is important to select the most appropriate Call-to-Action for your business. Do your customers call, send emails, watch videos, and or watch to shop now?

Need a reason to fill out Facebook’s Call-to-Action field? Read MarketingLand’s article Facebook Drives Nearly One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic.

In the page mentioned earlier, a real estate page, the Shop Now was the most appropriate Call-to-Action to choose. Looking for a home, and/or property, is what users expect to do on real estate websites. Also, website users are a way real estate agents gain new or build upon existing business.

When deciding which Call-to-Action to select ask yourself “how do existing customers interact with our business?”. Also, don’t be afraid to test and try the different action buttons.

But enough about what Calls-to-Action are and which ones are the most appropriate, here is how to set it up.

1. Login To Your Facebook Page.

2. Click the Call-to-Action button.

In the screenshot below, the Call-to-Action has already been set up, and from fear of deleting the button nothing was changed.


3. Choose a Button, insert desired Website, and insert a Mobile Website (if applicable).

The website we’re directing traffic to is mobile responsive so there is no need for a Mobile Website address.


4. Choose a Destination for People Using iOS.

If your brand has a iTunes app then they can be directed appropriately.


5. Choose a Destination for People using Andriod.

If your brand has a Google Play Store app then they can be directed appropriately.


That’s it.

Setting a Facebook Call-to-Action in another tool, a free tool at that, small business owners and non-profits can employ to create business opportunities and awareness.

Need some more reading? Facebook released a article New for Facebook Pages: Calls to Action on December 11, 2014 and stated “The call-to-action feature will roll out in the US over the next few weeks and worldwide next year”.

Your Facebook Call-to-Action not displaying? It may have not rolled out for your page yet. The Facebook page referenced in this post was alerted today and its a Washington State based business.

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