Social Media Campaigns

Advertising on Twitter

Jenneva Vargas @jenneva26

– Target Twitter Ads: Interests, Followers, Keywords, Television, Event Targeting, Tailored Audiences, Behaviors
– Tailoring Twitter Ads: Geography and Language, Device, and Gender
– Can choose different agenda for payment: Followers, Lead Generation,
– Utilize Twitter Cards to Generate More Click Throughs
– Don’t use hashtags or tag other accounts within the Twitter ad as it just a distraction.

Skyler Patterson @TheKylerP

Facebook Advertising and Objectives

– Use Power Editor
– Never Create ads for Page Likes
– Raise Local Awareness (this could be great for real estate)
– Increase Video Views
– Choose Your Audience (research NAR for the buyer and seller profile)
– Create a Custom Audiences and then Segment those Audiences (example: people who have visited our website and looking to move)
– Use Lookalike Audiences
– Use Broad Targeting as a way to target people who don’t know who you are.
– Upload Audience Insights
– When using the Carsouel Ad feature and tell a story; Multiple images that can be parsed apart, or images that can evolve (Example: show a growing family and how they need to sell, purchase a larger home. Or, the downsizing scenario).
– When targeting multiple countries separate the ads as to know where advertising dollars are going.
– Use power Editor to create the lead generation ads.
– Advertising sentence: “Click below and confirm your information (Facebook fills is in for you)”

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