Top Level Domains to Increase Online Sales

godaddydotcomBeing nearly 2016, It may be hard to believe that all the good domains haven’t been purchased and being held by domain hoarders, resalers. Those domain hoarders tend to price keyword rich domains for big bucks with the goal to eventually sell to business owners looking to implement a online presence or increase branch reach.

If you follow this blog, you’ll know I sell real estate full-time and have implemented domain strategies before. Back in November 2014, in the article titled 6 Steps to Building Your Own Backlinks, I researched domains that were geo-focused and highly targeted for real estate brokers. Being one year later, purchasing domains is still very relevant.

Unlike a friend of mine, who has deep pockets to purchase a gajillion domains at one given time, I operate on a smaller budget for domain purchasing and its what any small business owner can do as well.

So what did I do?

  1. Searched for Availability.
  2. Selected Domains Focused on a Geo that Contained a Keyword.
  3. Only Purchased dot Com Domains.

The domain research wasn’t rocket science or highly involved process. Yet, an argument can be made that the research was lacking and a thorough for a proper analysis. Either way, top quality domains were identified and they are:

Unlike the backlinks article, these newly acquired domains only have domain forwarding in place and have yet to receive their own websites. Over the holiday season that will change and the landing pages will focus on a specific task. More on that in a future post.

Yet, what if you’re not in the real estate industry and want to implement the same strategy to increase online sales and build brand awareness? Is it a wasteful venture? Will there be any opportunity? Are there any top tier domains left to purchase?

I say yes. To prove it, here is an example (that wasn’t searched for prior to writing this post) using “car stereos”.

The car stereo industry is large, established, and competitive. Sellers, whole sellers, and local audio shops would want a strong online presence. Right? They would snatch up every available domain, build a ecommerce website and slag audio equipment all day and night long. However, with a quick GoDaddy search the answer is pretty clear.

Yes, top tier domains in major metros, containing the key phrase “car stereos” and a major metro are available. Here are three examples starting with Las Vegas.

You might be thinking, “he got lucky with that one”. Ok, lets try another major metro. Miami.


Boom! Available.

How about somewhere in Texas, like Austin.


Damn. Available.

Enticing results and makes we want buy these domains up; however, they’re not within my business’s scope.

Nonetheless, if you’re a car stereo supplier, especially one with the ability to drop-ship to any local, then purchasing these domains would be advantageous.

Without running more search queires, I’d suspect that many industries (mattress manufactures, candle makers, auto sales, real estate, coffee, and many more) would have the same opportunities.

Purchasing these 17 additional domains cost approxiametly $500, and registered for more than 1 year, yet the potential onlines sales after building websites can dramatically increase our Team’s bottom line. It will just take a time investment.

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