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I have recently redone a real estate website and one of the procedures was to create a 301 Redirect file to make sure old pages would be redirected to the new landing page. But there seems to be a problem when Google reads the 301 Redirect file as well as giving weight to the landing pages.

The new site has aggregated many pages and focused them onto new pages that were more focused and centralized for their terms. The idea was to have the new landing pages be indexed right away since there were links pointing them, either on the 301 Redirect file and through other web pages. But it didn’t work as expected and pages with 301s attached to them still have yet to be redirected.

The other side of the equation is having brand new pages that had no 301 Redirect attached to them. The main example was the blog page that the site now has. The blog page has no links, no pages that use its feed or any other internet marketing strategy applied to it.

Now my question is it worth it or even in a website’s best interest to deploy a 301 Redirect when launching a new website?

If brand new pages get indexed faster than ones attached to a 301 Redirect then why even build a 301 Redirect?

Okay that is two questions but the idea has some intriguing thought. Anyone else have experience using 301 directs and their effects on search engine rankings?

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