Quality Backlinks Part 1

It is well known that links are a highly important aspect of a SEO’s offsite marketing campaign and the quest to find high quality links is becoming harder and harder for most. There are still many sites that allow to post links for free with out requiring reciprocal links but that is not what this article is going to focus on. I am going to share a few free sites that any SEO can set up pages on a point links to their site.

First, I would like to cover the idea of Trust Rank. Trust rank is similar to Page Rank but it has more value attached to it and as an example a .gov website usually has more Trust Rank associated with it than a traditional .com. If a site is highly trusted it can pass serious rank onto another site through linking. That is why .edu links are so helpful when obtained and why people seek out highly trusted sites for links.

Second, I would like to discuss free social networks. Social networks are the latest craze when it comes to create quality, one way in-bound links to a website. These social networks get millions of visitors and/or users from various walks of like to congregate on a central theme of social networking. Almost all the social networking sites allow users to customize a profile page, add links, videos and so on at the user’s discretion. These sites, over time, can gain a big reader base or “friends list” to where many people per day are visiting the profile and maybe visiting the links on that page as well.

Now that Trust Rank and social networking have been touched on how can a SEO makes these work to there advantage? First of all a SEO needs to seek out trusted social networks to get the biggest affect for their efforts and my favorite is Squidoo.com. It is a place where a person can make as many lenses (a profile pages) as they would like and earn revenue at the same time. I choose to donate half my revenue to charity but others may want to forward it to a PayPal account or something else.

TW Resource Group has a lens as well, http://www.squidoo.com/small-business-seo/, and it gives us a free place to push links to our website. Now free site, profile and social networks do have a draw back, sort of, they take time. Time is required to create, connect and engage the community but it all helps propagate the site and receive quality links from many sources.

If more trusted links are in your business plan for 2007 then get on the ball and start working it 🙂 have fun!!

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