Client Interviews

The other day I was interviewed for our Marysville real estate company as the SEO/marketer from Advanced Access, April 2007 Featured Client. It is quite an honor to be a featured company and just recently my personal blog was featured from MSN Spaces.

This potential marketing leverage is huge for any company that takes the time to get noticed. It is an easy task but if a company takes the time to invest in a marketing strategy, in this case an online approach, free publicity can happen.

Everyone at Barnett Associates Real Estate, LLC is happy to know that we are being featured on a site that has over 35K members and it further re-enforces our position as Advanced Access’s best company website in 2006.

Obtaining this type of recognition will help me reach my goal of averaging 25K hits per month, currently we are averaging 18K. Only time will tell and these next few months are going to be exciting to say the least.


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