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Blog marketing has exploded these past few years to become brand new marketing strategy for companies and individuals. Why? Unlike traditional push marketing, direct ads, flyers and media, blog marketing is a pull strategy that attracts consumers.

Blog marketing is a strategy, like this blog, that allows the site owner to discuss their area of expertise with the goal of having consumers interested in specific topic to search and find the most influential website or company on that topic. It boils down to choice, a person or company interested in can plug those keywords in Google and find the most relevant website that either discusses the topic or sells services.

Blog marketing is also very one sided, in a sense. Why? Because the site owner has the freedom to publish information that they feel is the best. But how does blog marketing translate to small business marketing as a viable solution? Simple, it allows people or companies to get their name and services exposed to the WWW through publishing content that is highly relevant to their industry.

Take as an example. It is a platform that allows real estate professional the opportunity to create a free profile, blog about real estate happenings and it is very search engine friendly. Many real estate professionals are having great success by posting information on highly targeted topics that are able to be search and viewed by consumers, potential clients.

Many leads and new business can happen by investing time into the blog marketing approach. I have discussed this topic with many professionals and how it is changing the way the internet traditionally works, if it can be defined as traditional yet. 

Blog marketing feeds on Web 2.0, interactivity between consumers and companies (allows for direct feedback and questions), where the consumer is empowered to connect and relate to the people or companies publishing that information.

Blog marketing is a real form of advertising these days and can’t be dismissed as people having fun on the internet. How do you use blog marketing as a way to generate new business?

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