Algo Profroofing Your Website 2.2

My notes from Algo Proofing and Sustainable SEO Your Website 2.2 at Pubcon.

– Need to optimize for search engines of the future.
– The future of search is verbs- Bill Gates
– Stop chasing the algo and start chasing visitors.
– Most search engines are not us (SEO-ers).
– Google is biased towards customers not brands.
– Differentiate and set yourself apart.
– Provide more value!!
– Look at bounce rate for quality – currently my bounce rate is horrendous.
– Don’t change url when the product is the same – doing well here.
– If that link isn’t sending traffic then it is of no value. Look for relevant sites that will send traffic as a search engine looks at that.
– Don’t blame your SUCK on Penguin or Panda.
– Can get focused on the wrong things by just thinking about “link building”.
– Need a variety of anchor text for links instead of all the same – could manually adjust some of my links.
– Page layout algo? Do some research on this topic. It may be ads above the fold update.
– Clear flag that a site has no trusted links – example was PR5 and above. Would be tough to have local links that high of PR.
– Anchor text should be dominated by brand name or domain name.
– The new way of thinking is the old way of thinking – BRANDS.
– Need to do a better of job of connecting with influencers in the real estate industry.
– Could I get another article on
– What is Top Heavy alog change? do more research. Appears to be ads above the fold.
– Panda was about anchor text (that was me)
– Put together 18-24 month plan and get there before the algo get there. Proactive.

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