Window Cleaning Website Complete

A few days ago a college friend asked me to build him a new website for his Redmond window cleaning company. It has been sometime since last doing a site yet I thought it would be a fun time and play around with new WordPress themes.

With this website I took a different approach and purchased a premium theme. The days are gone of messing around with a crappy free theme from Extends and designing theme to try and fit for an industry. Many of my early sites where that way because I thought it would be the most affordable away. Not so. Purchasing a premium theme over customizing a free theme has saved time which ultimately means money. was a easy source to comb through and present options to the client and within two days the selection was made. Not going back and forth with vague designs that have no relation.

The next step was to acquire images to be used. Again, I looked into the paid route using and made it easy on myself. After dropping over $200 bucks on high quality images the site was coming together. Since the images were purchased the site owner and myself don’t have to worry about repercussions of stealing images from the web. Plus the images are really good looking.

Purchasing a theme and images was the best thing I’ve done for this project. One thing I didn’t factor in was the cost of images – I thought about a $100 bucks but that wasn’t enough. Factoring the cost to the price of the website would be something I do differently yet oh well. The site is for a friend.

Check out the Redmond window cleaning company and see if they could help your home look the best it can.

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