UnMarketing Could Be My New Hero

UnMarketing, Scott Stratten, has been around but it only seems recently that I’ve have a obsession with the message. Also, maybe now I am to a point with my real estate marketing that I’m open to new approach. Instead of constant self-promotion, focus has been shifted towards value in our blog and newsletter. Setting that stuff aside, I’ve ordered UnMarketing, the book, and UnSelling to read this month.

In today’s UnPodcast topic was about going viral; more specially, creating content not for the purpose of trying to go viral (at least that was my take).

The take away, or Ah-Ha as its called, was to create content, not for the sake of creating content, that people find useful then want to share while not over-branding the content itself. For me, that is the hardest part yet something I strive to remember. Value, value, and value.

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