The importance to take your own videos

Video marketing has become popular just like blogging since the revolution of online viral marketing. People make professional videos detailing services, conferences, webinars and just for fun all to increase market presence and/or share with friends and family. I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube and the ones that show in all our inboxes and even shoot a few myself.

Last weekend I went to the Green Bay and Seahawks at Quest field, I know it was a tough loss, and had my new camera already to go. In the early stages of the game I had the chance to shoot Charlie Fry’s TD pass to John Carlson. Seems like a routine event. But after posting it on YouTube it was found by the Notre Dame recruiting/sports blog and featured on their site.

The video quickly received 300+ views just from being placed on a highly visible website. Though there is nothing monetarily going to be achieved by this is still proves the point on how popular videos can make a difference in one’s online presence.

All of a sudden a cascading amount of views are traversing there way through the many website affiliated with my account. By using the power of video marketing business professionals can do something similar and achieve targeted search traffic using videos. So all you small business owners get out there and shoot videos or even post videos to your blog, like this.

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