Project Completion

Today I finalized a project for the Chris Ward Team and it feels so good. Not in the aspect of collecting money but in the aspect of setting out to do a job and working through it and seeing the project in all its glory. Completing a project gives me so much intrinsic satisfaction, a smile to my face, that it is difficult to explain. Having a day job doesn’t lend itself to full time consulting work but sleeping is not in the grand scheme of things just yet.

Right now building a client base that wants results, trusts in their marketing professional and allows for creative freedom is what I am seeking. So it is a pleasure to work with a client that trust and allows a company to construct something that is that takes their marketing to another level.

There is more projects lined up and scheduled so if you would like to sit down with us feel free to contact us to see how TW Resource Group can leverage current or develop new marketing strategies for you.

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