PR Update or so it seems

I was reviewing my real estate website yesterday and noticed that the healthy PR 5 it had was reduced to a 4. Now that does not make me to happy since all the work went into rebuilding the site using a SEO friendly platform. The good news is that most off the interior pages received 2, 3 or a 4 with the update.

It is questionable if the update will stick but for the most part I believe that it will. So after thinking “why did the homepage PR drop?” I could only come up with a small theory (also I have not visited other marketing blog to see what they are saying yet).

After the website change over none of the interior pages had any PR and since the new web platform is more SEO friendly the PR 5 was disbursed throughout the site. This disbursement reduced the PR of the homepage but improved the sites overall PR and SEO strength.

I did noticed some of my friends blogs, one being a PR 6, were reduced as too…well I am off to see what others are saying.

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