How to Create Great Content

Here are my notes from my first sessions at Pubcon 2015.

Stoney deGeyter @stoneyd

You Are Your Best Cure For Writer’s Block:

– Rewrite old blog posts, turn a comment into a full post.
– Turn a Tweet into a 600 word blog post.
– Turn posts, presentations, and ebooks into Tweets.
– Turn a post into many posts (series) for a new audience.
– Turn a presentation into a visual blog post.
– Turn a blog posts into presentations.
– Turn a fact-filled blog post into an infographic.
– Publish and email response to a question.

Toby’s Thoughts: Answering real estate questions regarding reservation boundaries, buying on deeded vs leased land, purchasing raw/vacant land and does it have a septic, well, power …etc, explore more about buying or listing a home and the process, and what not to when buying or selling a home, how to stage a home for selling, what great marketing looks like for home sellers.

Ann Smarty @seosmarty

Content Re-Packaging:

– Everything is a copy of copy.
– Turning content into a different form; media, video, blog post, presentation.
– Take YouTube videos and partition them for Instagram, Twitter, and Vine videos, then reduce the smaller videos into animated GIFs.
– Turn blog post How-To’s into Videos.

Toby’s Thoughts: Use the office’s video production room to film the How-To video for a YouTube series on how to buy and sell a home, land, farm, manufactured home in Snohomish County.

Loren Baker @lorenbaker

How to Plan an Integrated Content Marketing Campaign

– Content Serves Many Masters: SEO Targets, Outreach Targets, Social Sharing, Social Influencers, Ad Enhancements, Content Lifespan.
– SharedCount is a free SEO tool that is very powerful.
– Use Google to see what related terms to position a website for and watch the results to see where content opportunities are (video, tweets, blogs, how-to’s .. etc)
– Really dig into the keywords and related keywords for content opportunities.
– Dig down into the ranking websites, who links to the websites, and who links to the those website to see if there is an influencers blogger who may be receptive to blogging about my content.

Toby’s Thoughts:

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