Small Business Marketing 101

From my experience in small businesses and startups the biggest challenge is having a marketing/advertising budget to start getting the word out. When most start their own business they did it because they are experts in their field and they see an opportunity to provide a higher quality product or service to the community. This mentality is what gives the small business sector a leg up on the competition and small business owners need to capitalize early in their development but the only thing that lacks is the funds to produce a competitive marketing strategy. So what can small business owners do to maximize their exposure on a minimal budget? And for the first part of this complex answer that will be discussed is consistency.

What is consistency? It is the repeated use of one technique over and over again until saturation is achieved. Oh, TW Resource Group, that is easy and anyone can do that. That is a very common misconception; it is easy and anyone can do it. If that where the case then all new & small businesses would go from startup to success story overnight. But what most small businesses and startups lack is consistency in their chosen marketing strategy, print, media or web based.

Consistency means repetition and part of the marketing equation having results coming in the future and not right away. Using the power of repetition a company can get results; it just may take awhile. To explain this example lets use a Marysville real estate company. Barnett Associates Real Estate, LLC has been around since 2003 and in their early years there was so no definitive strategy is applied. But after time they choose to take an online approach to obtain a market presence and generate business through every advertising dollar spent. Many people told this company that they couldn’t generate business using the web as their primary marketing medium and to many peoples surprised they have. Why? Because they used consistency to generate their message.

Over a four year span Barnett Associates Real Estate, LLC has invested time and money into created a website that achieved top results on Google, view results. Consistency in using a web based strategy has given the company the desired results and now there marketing strategy is paying long-term dividends.By picking a strategy and sticking with it is the key because company’s message is being focus to a specific marketing and in this case it is the online real estate researcher.

Any small business or startup can replicate this process but time has to be factored in and results have to be waited for but if a strategy is believed in and stuck to then it will work, it just takes time. Don’t get discouraged by non believers, just keep moving forward. There is saying that I like to live by:

Keep on Keeping on…

It works if you work it.

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