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One of the most important techniques of search engine optimization and one thing many SEOs forget is on-site content. In previous posts quality backlinks were discussed but these will only support an on-site content. On-site content is what cached by search engines to determine if it is relevant to a searcher’s query. If a site has little or no content then it will not be given importance for keywords resulting in a worthless page and it is also in danger of looking like a SPAM site.

To discuss on-site content BarnettAssociates.net is going to be used as an example. Why? Because the website has quality content which highly relevant to its target market. But before we breakdown the site lets go over some key success factors to quality content:

– Each page has its own title, description and keywords
– Keyword rich pages without stuffing
– Flows logically from one paragraph to the next
– Pages are targeted to be highly relevant to the searchers needs
– Includes images with proper alt tags
– Links to other pages within the website

These success factors help get all the pages indexed within search engines so they give benefit to the website owner. It isn’t surprising to run across websites that only their homepage cached and it is probably safe to say that the owner doesn’t even know it.

Now lets look at BarnettAssociates.net to see what they are doing so well to get to the top of Google for the keywords Marysville Real Estate. For this analysis the following pages will be examined: homepage, Marysville page and Jennings Memorial Park page.

Homepage: Using the right click and view source feature on Windows then it is easy to see that the site is using a unique title that is conducive to doing to real estate in their area as well as a unique description as well as targeted keywords (don’t go over board). The next major thing when viewing the homepage is the keyword usage at the highest point on the page (though the image is hindering placing them at the top) and they are bolded and italicized, which adds to their importance. Now as we scroll down the homepage we find words like Marysville, Everett and Snohomish County spaced logically through out the page putting further emphases on the importance on those keywords.Marysville Page: This page also uses a conducive title, description and keywords (which are not overloaded) so search engines know what the main topic of the page are. Now when scrolling down the page we are finding information that is directly related to Marysville and it residents. It has links to city sites and information as well providing lists of the various neighborhoods and parks. The page also mixes in images of past and present Marysville to give a greater feel and help connect people with the city. The only downfall in the construction of this page is it still remains incomplete; the various neighborhood and park pages need to be finished.

Jennings Memorial Park: Being an deep interior page this means this page has to be highly specific to the topic and it is. The title tag, description and keywords are kept to the minimum and so is the content. The content and images reflect the exact topic of the page, the Ebey Waterfront Park. The page has clear images so web users can get a an accurate and in depth look at the park.

Having these type of pages will encourage search engines, like Google, to rank a site higher in the search engines because it providing rich quality content that consumers would like to view when searching terms for Marysville real estate. So how does a web master get started building pages like these? Simple, carry a camera like a check card.

By taking pictures of events and travels gives ideas on how to create pages and write content. Pictures are worth a thousand words and same goes for giving ideas on what to write while building pages. Creating quality content is the way a web master will retain consumers attention for more than just a minute.

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