Marketing is Easier with Networking Events

One type of marketing that I’ve been terrible at is the traditional face-to-face. As a real estate broker, after work I find myself seeking quiet time and wanting to take a chill pill. Anyone who is in sales can probably attest to that with all the talking, emailing, phone calling, and negotiating done a daily basis.

While it is tiresome, face-to-face marketing is essential and equally as important any email, blogging, PPC, and direct mail campaign. As part of my 2013 business goals, I’ve made a commitment to attend at least 1 networking event per month using Biznik and the UW Alumni Association group on LinkedIn.

Why Join Networking Groups?

1. It gets me out of my shell and exposes to me to new people.
2. Come up with fresh ideas being around other business minded professionals.
3. The potential to obtain one more sale/listing is high.
4. Its just smart business.

Last night’s Everett Biznik event included area professionals from and who owned a variety of businesses. Being somewhat informal, I liked that especially when compared to LeTip events, I posted up at the table with a good beer and started talking to people. If you’re better in person then networking events are just the ticket to shine.

Networking Events using Biznik

Biznik is a premium site with Pro and SEO accounts having more accesses and fuller profiles than just a basic membership. My profile is basic but I was still able to RSVP for an event and the cost of meeting 20 new people was a $15 bar tab. Not to shabby.

Networking Events using LinkedIn

With LinkedIn I chose to be more specific with the audience I want to target so I am going to attend the UW Alumni meetups. I haven’t attended any yet and it appears the meetings are not that frequent. However, when postings appear I will attend.

Attending networking events is a cost effective way to increase exposure, obtain leads in a targeted area, while bringing another advertising avenue to a marketing portfolio. 2013 is shaping up to a great year; now start moving and shaking because your competition already is.

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