Local Auto Businesses

Automotive businesses usually serve a specific geographical location, this post will exclude high end niche providers, like a town or city. These automotive businesses usually vary in service but for the sake of this post the automotive company will be generalized.

Joe Bobs Service and Repair is a service and repair shops that provides a range of services on most automobiles. Joe does oil changes, air filters, transmission services and engine rebuilds but lately he has noticed business is starting to go down hill.

Joe has a website that isn’t to well positioned in the search engines and wants to start improving his presence. He quickly learns that building quality backlinks is important and will be best targeted if he keeps inside his industry. Joe has also learned how social networking is taking off as a new marketing strategy but he doesn’t know how to combine the two.

Joe’s answer is simple, TheAutoLog.com. TheAutoLog is a social networking site aimed at the automotive industry and the enthusiast that love it. It is a place where users, like myself can create free profiles and I did one for my 2003 Chevy C1500. It is customizable like many other social sites, it doesn’t offer a blog yet,  but what is unique about TheAutoLog is businesses can create profiles, learn how.

Joe has found a gold mine of instant marketing to tap into by taking some time to set up an account, setup a profile that keeps with his branding and increases his quality backlinks all at the same time. His company’s exposure will grow within the automotive industry and start to draw in more leads from the net.

TheAutoLog also allows business profiles, which are free, to become featured profiles on the homepage for extended period of times. That is high amounts of free advertising that any company would love to have, I know I would. TheAutoLog is a new but growing network and in my opinion it will grow to become a high powered niche social networking website.

If you are in the automotive industry and thinking how to create another avenue to get in front of customers then go to TheAutoLog.com…you’ll not be sorry.

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