Flight into Pubcon Vegas 2012

In the middle of the flight from Seattle to Las Vegas and I’m really looking forward to this years Pubcon. Being my 3rd year, I know what to expect and how to plan courses as well as social activities. Two items on the top of the agenda are:

1. New SEO Strategies for Linking Building.
2. Corrective meassures for previously used SEO Strategies.

In the SEO world, so much has changed since Panda, Penquin, EMD, and host of smaller updates that affect a site’s rankings. My primary keyword has lost 2 spots in rankings and is now holding 3rd place behind Trulia and Windermere Marysville. Oh how the frustration eats at me and yet I know I need links to improve this ranking as the page hasn’t any significant link building campaigns done in sometime. Also, the Google Local moving to Places I’ve seen a lot of change for the real estate industry, real estate teams, individual brokers, and franchises and how they rank.

I know the real estate industry can be spammy and that’s one reason why I avoid real estate tech camp (no offense intended) as not to fall in the same trap as my colleagues might. So I travel to Pubcon to hopefully obtain better course work and a unique perspective in a highly competitive industry.

Random Thought: [over Pryamid Lake outside Reno]

I am one man show (for the most part): from lead generator, sales and marketing, content converter, appointment setter, showing agent, listing agent, internal office compliance dude, transaction coordinator, lead followup guy, key deliverer (not sure that’s word), and all around nice guy.

Now that I am thinking about it I do a lot just to sell 1 house. Hrm, I need to hand out more business cards and interact with more people to round out parts of my lead generation strategy. Mickie has a great sphere and I’m starting to build one though I am not with out flaws. Hopefully, my brain won’t be to numb tomorrow to post or implement some learned items.

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