Facebook Status Update & Micro Blogging Experiment

Yesterday while sitting at my desk an idea popped into my head after reading some status updates and which ones generate discussions. A few times I have randomly posted status updates that I knew my friends would instantly jump on the chance to “dis” me on. The most recent was a status update with reference to the video game I play and it really got people’s attention.

Status Update Example

Facebook Status Update

As you can see my family and friends have no problem making fun of me in a “somewhat” public setting. Personally, I think it is funnier than heck and enjoy banter with family friends. But this gave me the idea: What types of status updates get the attention from your sphere more so than other status updates (this theory can apply to shared links, pictures, and more).

So this experiment will consist of watching two status updates to see what types of reactions they receive. One status update will be semi controversial in nature and the other status update will try and bait people to make fun of me. There is a whole site dedicated to funny comments and they had this one back in March that is worth a laugh.

The experiment will only be known to readers of this site and not shared with my friend community on Facebook. Hopefully the word does not get out and some good data can be gathered. The experiment will start next Monday, May 13, 2009, with the first status update and the second one will come the following Monday. Hopefully people are at work and not motivated to work and instead play on Facebook.

The status updates are still to be determined but I am watching a preliminary controversial link posted today.

Controversial Facebook Link

Now why would I like to experiment with Facebook status updates anyway? In the realm of social media marketing and management it is imperative to small business owners to 1. Take advantage of online opportunities and 2. Be able to connect with their target audience using emerging technologies.

If a small business owner can properly engage their audience then more than likely the small business owner will reap the rewards of an effective Facebook marketing strategy resulting in an increase in sales. Though this experiment will not focus on a targeted business status updates it will lead in and see what types of status updates and/or features small business owners can utilize to grow and share their message.

Let us see what happens.

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